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Thread: Redline release pushed back

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    Redline release pushed back

    For those of you that were hoping to pick a box or 2 of the latest Press Pass Racing product will have to wait a couple more weeks.
    Just got an e-mail update from Press Pass this morning that the Redline release date has been pushed back from its original release date of June 8th to June 20th and the New SHOWCASE tentative release date will be August 1st.
    I hate when they change Christmas day like that :)

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    I am so looking forward to this years Showcase. By far, some of the best cards I have ever seen come out of that line.
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    fine with me-more time to save up! haha
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    I agree with race crazy on that one, maybe ill get 3 or 4 now LOL
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    Got 2 redline boxes on order, gonna save up to try and get a couple showcase also. Lots of nice Pastrana to chase so I need to buy a couple boxes for traders
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