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    Donation made
    WTTF :
    Erik Karlsson/Marian Hossa/Billy Smith/Curtis Lazar Rookies

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    List updated and we're all happy to help Scott!

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    digged and donated and sent email great Fundraiser
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    LINK--------->Hidden Content <--------LINK

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    List updated thank you :)

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    Great start for only being up for a couple of days :)

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    we're sure doing well but it's just the beginning! :)

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    Great cause, great donation- Esposito08
    Hitting social media platforms now.
    Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.
    As of May 2015 ~ STILL Collect the following --> ALL 01-04 UD SP Legendary cuts Mlb G/U *Also, Topps insert Sp's.
    1985T Mlb mini's issue(Canadian release)
    Vintage & Modern issues: Have old school players but want current players? I may want them, please Pm me.Thank You | GINTER G/U

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    Dugg and Donating momentarily :)
    I collect Alexander Ovechkin, and high end Detroit Red Wings!Hidden Content

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