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Thread: Goal Line Arts

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    Cool Goal Line Arts

    I want to make GLA type customs..i know they are 4x6 but what are they made of and how thick are they? i went on their website and no info is available.

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    i even googled it and came up with no info

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    Pretty much like a post card, but not glossy.
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    i was wondering what the stock thinkness is since it thicker than a card and postcard

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    Sounds like a cool idea. Hit me up if you decide to make a Colt McCoy one.

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    making them of retired players not current

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    still no info...guess ill just make them in 16 pt since that is all i ever see

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    Quote Originally Posted by size17shoes View Post
    making them of retired players not current
    Make that a Davey O'Brien request then

    I like it though. It sounds like a really cool idea.

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