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Thread: Cards for sale

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    Cards for sale

    guys trying to raise some cash.................check out my bucket for cards there.

    ive added new stuff in my bucket. check it out

    guys please dont get mixed up with PC folder.
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    Collect WCW Topps Autos, WWE Topps 2009 Black Parallels + any Hogan autographed cards

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    how much for the hogan wcw auto
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    Collecting John Wallace

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    Hey, can I get a price on these...
    Maria auto/kiss
    Linda miles kiss
    Dawn Marie kiss
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    What do you need for the umaga superfractor?
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    My New Want List
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    Looking for any Wrestling Cards

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    how much for the mysterio gold relic 99 and the dibiase gold relic 50?
    The daniel bryan super collector! always looking for reds and printing plates!
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    Hey, I would be interested in the Zach Ryder autograph depending on the price.
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    ***Offering $300.00 For WWE Topps 2009 Ted Dibiase Black Parallel /40***

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    prices on these? -
    cena chamber mat
    maryse topps gold
    dibiase gold relic
    odb auto
    kennedy auto
    victoria auto
    i respond to pm's faster then threads

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    pm me a price on the Hardcore Hak, Elizabeth and Hogan WCW autos, both individually and as a lot. Thanks.
    Wrestling Bucket updated--feel free to take a look
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    pms sent

    also ppl the only cards for sale are in this actual folder in my bucket
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    Collect WCW Topps Autos, WWE Topps 2009 Black Parallels + any Hogan autographed cards

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    PM sent...
    Collecting a little bit of everything!!! Heres my bucket: Hidden Content
    If you see anything please contact me!!! GO ST LOUIS CARDINALS!!!!
    My Ebay ID is: edgeusaf1

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