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    SCF Official Review: 2012 Topps Archives

    First and foremost, I'd like to thank our sponsors at Topps for providing us with this box.

    24 packs per box
    8 cards per peck
    Current Retail Price (online): $79.99 - $89.99


    200 BASE CARDS
    - Featuring Retired Stars, Veterans and Top Rookies on the 1954, 1971, 1980 and 1984 designs. Also includes 40 Fan Favorites High-Numbered short prints found 1:4 packs.

    - Archives Gold parallel. (1:12)
    - Base Card Printing Plates 1 of 1 HOBBY ONLY

    Fan Favorites Autographs
    - The beloved Fan Favorites Autographs are back! These on-card beauties feature baseball's truly Fan Favorites such as Dave Kingman, Andy Van Slyke and Will Clark on designs from their era, but with an all-new photo. There are up to 75 different players in all!

    Topps Autographed Originals
    - 10 retired stars sign their original Topps card. Sequentially #'d to 5. HOBBY ONLY

    Framed Autographed 1983 Minis
    - 25 players sign mini versions of 1983 Topps #'d to 25. HOBBY ONLY

    1956 Topps Relic Cards
    - Featuring 55 players on the classic 1956 design.

    Before the insert card craze of the 1990s, Topps was experimenting and testing new technologies 30 years prior. Topps pays tribute to 4 classic insert sets featuring active and retired stars.
    - 1967 Topps Stickers (25 subjects) (1:8)
    - 1968 Topps 3D (15 subjects) (1:8)
    - 1969 Topps Deckle Edge (15 subjects) (1:12)
    - 1977 Topps Cloth (25 subjects) (1:6)
    - Topps Reprints 50 different cards featuring Hall Of Fames on classic Topps Reprints (1:4)
    - Insert Printing Plates (130 subjects) (1 of 1) HOBBY ONLY

    Topps is not only going out onto the secondary market and buying back unopened packs for this special release, but it's opening the door to its Vault to offer collectors unique and one of a kind items!

    Topps Originals
    - Topps buybacks foil stamped with the Archives logo.

    Topps Originals Redemption
    - 100 redemptions good for for an original vintage pack, set or card!

    Topps Vault Redemption
    - 20 redemptions good for items from our Vault!


    Box Topper: Billy Zabka 5x7 Autograph

    Base: 164/200 (82%)

    Gold Rainbow (2)
    Short Print Reprints (Cards 201-240) (6)
    Rookie Reprints (6)

    1967 Topps Stickers (3)
    1968 Topps 3D (3)
    1969 Deckie Edge (2)
    1977 Topps Cloth Sitckers (4)

    Fan Favorites Cecil Cooper Autograph

    Fan Favorites Shawon Dunston Autograph


    Base - 4.5/5
    Design - 5/5
    Fun - 4.5/5
    Value - 3/5
    Rebuy - 3.5/5

    Overall - 20.5/25 (82%)

    On card Autographs
    Nice breakdown into four past designs
    Great for TTM/IP collectors
    Wonderful job to putting a logo on the front of the rookie reprints
    Enjoyable trip down memory lane with the designs
    Box topper is not guaranteed

    Value is heavily centered around the two autographs
    Through The Years Short Print Reprints seem unnecessary

    NPN Information:

    NPN 2012 Topps Archives BB
    PO Box 766
    Pittston, PA 18640

    Limit 1 request per household

    Postmarked: 8/22/12
    Received: 8/29/12

    Canada Skills: 2 x 11 + 5 - 23 = ?

    Once again, I'd like to thank our wonderful sponsors at Topps for giving us the opportunity to review this release. For more information on all of their products, visit them today at
    Closing Down my Wax Business. Still have some sealed product in hand. Feel free to PM me if looking for anything.
    Receive your choice of 2,000 card cash or a random free card from the SCF CC Store (your team/sport of choice) when you buy a box (prize boxes not included).

    Hidden Content , Working on Hidden Content For Charity

    Hidden Content - 120/140 (85.7%), Hidden Content - 107/271 (39.5%)


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