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    I'm thinking about buying photoshop for making customs, and I'm wondering which version is the best to buy that won't absolutely break my bank. Thanks

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    They are all super expensive, not saying you should but torrents are a thing.
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    I say try the demo out first, see how you like it. There's also a subscription model I believe, although I'm not sure how it works.
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    play around with ms paint first, or try gimp...a free program very similar to photoshop

    i did these in paint

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    Not sure how much an older version of Photoshop is these days, but I am currently using CS2 which is at least 5 years old and it does a fine job for me.

    My older computer had Photoshop 7 on it and it still does the trick as well.

    As mentioned, there are some free programs (like Gimp) to try out as well. I've never used them, but based on the end results of some custom cards....they can't be that bad.

    Good luck.

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