I just upgraded the Inventory new trade tool. Basically in the pre trade period you can use it to add and remove card in and out to build a potential trade that I call trade in the making. For long list this come in real handy but now since we can use it to post a trade in the old trade manager we can also use it to mass move the cards from the invenotory in and out.

Here a video that explain it better, give it time to load before starting it (19 Mg) You need flash installed on your browser to view it.


So you can build a trade list in and out even if you do not use the inventory, but if you do use it then you can use this tool to create the trade and once created you can move the cards in and out from your inventory. Even better if the other user used the trade tool to build a list and to post the trade with it, just using the Trade manager ID you can import the list so you too can remove or add the cards. Also in this case if the other trader had images in his inventory, you will inherit the image as well for all the cards he did have the image.

If more and more user start using it, this mean less time scaning the images or removing and entering the cards one by one. User value do not transfer, it's really up to all to manage this if you do use them.

If you have any issue, bug or feedback please post them in this forum.

Hope you enjoy the new features and more to come eventually. My goal is that you can eventually manage all trades with in the trade tool and automate as much as possible.