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    WTTF: 11-12 UD series 1 and 2 Base

    Im looking to trade for lots of 11-12 UD series 1 and 2 Base(Mainly series 2). So if you have lots of them please lmk and we can work something out.
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    I have a box worth of Series 1 base, interested in the Miller/Stafford Dual GU in your bucket.


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    I have way too much base from both. I'd be interested in selling it all for pretty cheap due to shipping costs.
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    Bump.......Still looking for more

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    Can you PM a list of what you need?
    Have any J.Quicks ?
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    Can you PM a list of what you need?
    Have any J.Quicks ?
    Pm sent

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    do you still need any ?
    i've got 2 sets of series 2..
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