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    Cool Some of my custom art

    Barry Sanders http://fav.me/d551gdi

    Brian Bosworth http://fav.me/d54yfvb

    Troy Aikman http://fav.me/d54y1uw

    Ben Roethlisberger http://fav.me/d54kxzv

    James Harrison http://fav.me/d54d0fj

    Derek Jeter http://fav.me/d54ki9x

    Lebron James http://fav.me/d54jql8

    Peyton Manning http://fav.me/d5495hc

    President Obama http://fav.me/d54aji7

    Thurman Munson http://fav.me/d54yca8 :thumb310651568:
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    Photographic prints utilize all silver traditional photo processing, the same that you'd see in a photo finishing shop.They are printed on high quality Kodak Edge and Kodak Endura papers, which will last up to 200 years without fading.

    Taking orders for art. I will do my style for you for $6 pp gift per piece. They will be created in a 4x6 size so you can print it off. contact me in my inbox if interested
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