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Thread: 4x6 images for custom cards

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    Cool 4x6 images for custom cards

    If you're looking for 4x6 images to use for custom card renders, I have a large folder full of images. I would be willing to provide 2 images for $1 pp gift. I have some great shots for all major sports. all of these photos are cut ready. Just let me know in pm who you are after and I will see if I have what you are seeking. I have many older athletes, obscure players , and current athletes

    the size of images is around 4x6. let me know in pm who you need.

    Here's a Reggie Bush Cut
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    Let me know if I may assist you with image needs for making your custom cards or renders. let me know who you are needing and the images are around 4x6 in size or slightly smaller or larger. 2 images for $1 paypal gift. pm if interested
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    Nice art. I purchased a couple of them. Great stuff!!!

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    i appreciate being appreciated. all proceeds go into building my trading card company as well as my art sales :
    or donation on
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    anyone needing 4x6ish images for cuts or custome, let me know

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    I picked up a Roethlisberger. I am going to use it for a custom cut.


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    3/$1 ppimages today only. around 4x6 in size for your custom card design needs. let me know! all proceeds go to Reed Trading Cards

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