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    Angels 6-3
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    3-2 Indians

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    I collect David Ortiz, Roberto Clemente, Mickey Mantle
    Red Sox Team Cards, Red Sox Autos, Red Sox GU
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    Angels 2-1
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    Angels 8-4
    I collect Houston Astros and 1965 Topps Baseball.

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    Angels 8-3

    No longer shipping bubble envelopes to Canada
    I will still send a p.w.e if you want to trade

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    Angels, 7-1
    WTB Tom Brady, Tedy Bruschi, & Jackie Bradley Jr
    2008 Topps Chrome Baseball colored Refractors, Xfractors, & #'d inserts
    2008 Topps Chrome Football Autos, colored Refractors,
    & #'d inserts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axe725 View Post
    Indians 8-5
    Very close to nailing this one on the head, but still good enough for the win Axe!.......Indians 9 Angels 5....Great guess.

    Tiebreaker #2: Winner is person who guesses exact score of losing team
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