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    BAM1984 IP and TTM Success Thread

    Hey everyone,

    So, many of you may know that this year has been extremely limited, in terms of autograph success, due to not being located in the US. However, I am back!! It feels great to be back and I am already off to a great start 2 weeks after getting home.

    This thread will be a continuation of my successes through IP or TTM.

    First up... On 30 August, my wife and I attended the Arizona Diamondbacks 3rd Annual Alumni Night. This is the night I have been waiting for because I have missed the last two due to military service and not being home.

    Here is a pic of the JumboTron, taken from behind the dugout, welcoming the fans,.....


    After arriving to Chase Field, we snagged two of the Bob Brenly Bobbleheads that were the SGA for the evening. (Picture taken the next day in my kitchen. I have already given one to my father-in-law as he is a DBacks fan as well!)


    But wait... there's more. We arrived and went to the field near the bullpen. After looking around, there were no DBacks players near the bullpen and they were finished up their warm-ups. While heading in, Josh Collmenter stopped and began signing about 50-75 feet from where I was standing. Initially, I thought Collmenter would sign a few then go to the clubhouse. I WAS WRONG. After about 5 mins, I fought the crowd and was able to get Collmenter to sign a baseball. While signing, Collmenter was AWESOME! He was taking pictures, interacting with fans, and an overall great guy to meet. NOTE: the night prior, he pitched an 80-ish pitch count game that ended with Gibson pulling him for no real reason. Oh well, you could see how the fans respect him with the questions about being pulled and the best wishes he received for his next start. Oh, and we lost that game because of the relievers failing Collmenter).

    Here is a pic of him signing. He made his way from midwall down to the dugout and spent about 25-30 mins signing. He is by far a great signer!


    Total Baseballs Signed: 1/4

    So moving on.... after seeing Collmenter, I walked over to the dugout in case another player began signing. Low and behold, who pops out?! Addison Reed. Reed was really struggling earlier this year but has done amazing with his current stats.

    Unfortunately, I did not get a pic of Addison as I was trying to get the ball signed and transition to another in the event of another player.

    Total Baseballs Signed: 2/4

    Now... being that it was Alumni Night, the DBacks held a "Mystery Ball" Night in that they sell autographed baseballs for $40 a pop. You had the opportunity to pick out a current, former, team, or Tony La Russa HOF baseball. The first time, the table was stacked and I was a little worried I would get someone like Owings (not that he is bad but if Gonzo or La Russa is on the table, you dont want a Rookie). Well, my wife bought me one and she picked out......... 2013 All Star Pitcher Pat Corbin!!!!!!!

    Total Baseball Signed: 3/5

    I was stoked! Corbin has been injured this year but to pull an All Star is better than nothing. My wife and I decided to take up the Arizona Baseball Club restaurant and grab some food. The game started with the "ol school" intro where the baseball bounces around the stadium and ends with the DBack catching it in his mouth... totally took me back to the "good ol' days."


    So, after eating some nachos and enjoying a Miller Lite (which I have enjoyed so much since being home from a dry country) we decided to walk around the stadium for a bit. Well, we passed the "Mystery Ball" table again and my wife says "grab another, but you pick this one out." Well, when she says that, you don't hesitate. I paid for another and this time the table was really low compared to the hour before. The representative asked who I wanted, in which I replied "Luis Gonzalez." He told me that all Luis Gonzalez autos were pulled and that La Russa still had one or two left and the team ball was already pulled. My wife and I were trying to decide which one to pull when the representative opened one and tried to close it quickly... well, he wasn't quick enough! I told him I wanted the one in his hand and he gave it to me!

    Who was it.....?!

    Let's try 2x All Star 1B Paul Goldschmidt!!!

    Total Baseballs Signed: 4/6!

    At this point, the night could not get any better..... but there is always more to the story!

    Around the 3rd inning, we finally made it to our seats behind the Dodge Pool. Nothing exciting happened for the rest of the game but the bleachers are REALLY uncomfortable. We ended up going to our Season Ticket Rep and changed our 2015 Season Tickets out of the Bleachers and got a great deal on Bullpen Reserve seats. Next year, I see a lot of DBacks Pitching Autos which is good if Archie Bradley ever calms down and makes the starting rotation next year!

    The view from the Dodge Pool at Chase!


    So, the game ended with a 2-0 LOSS that really was ok because of the Alumni Game Post-Game Game! My wife and I ended up getting the section off the Visitor Dugout in which the "Red Team" or Team Gonzalez was warming up. It was great to see some of the players from when I was a teenager and players from the '01 WS Team! A few players were throwing and joking and I was hoping Travis Lee would sign. At first, pitcher Joel Adamson (original '98 Team member) came over and I was able to obtain a signature from him. I waited about 3 minutes for the kids to get their autos then hung my ball out there over their heads in hope he would sign.... Boom! Joel Adamson grabbed the ball and signed it. After he signed it, I gave him a "Welcome back to the BoB" greeting because I really don't like calling it "Chase."

    Total Baseballs Signed: 5/6!!

    After Adamson signed it, I went back to my seat and immediately took out my last ball and one of the custom tickets I made for the Alumni Game. I sat and waited.... and waited and pondering if Lee would sign. Then it hit me, does he sign the ball or ticket? Well, that question was not answered because as soon as Travis Lee walked to the fence, the ticket went in the bag and I approached with my pen and baseball! Lee was not very interactive but he did sign for a lot of kids; likely ones that never really knew who he was! I stood there with my ball out.... waiting... hoping... and BOOM! Travis Lee grabbed it and signed!!!!!!!!! This was the highlight of the night! I liked watching Lee play and he was an original member of the '98 Team!! The only player I never got was Gonzo, which he did not sign (that I saw!).

    Total Baseballs Signed: 6/6 = 100%!!!

    NEVER... and I mean NEVER.... have I had a 6/6 night before!! I went with 4 baseballs and ended up with 6 signed balls and 2 Brenly Bobbleheads!!

    I hope the 2015 signing experiences are like this... the next couple of threads will be pics of the baseballs and of the night!

    Thanx for the look!
    Luis Gonzalez Collection: 878/3061 = 28.68%
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    OEF-P: 2/09-9/09 & 10/10-10/11 / OEF: 9/13-8/14

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    Here is a post for the signed baseballs!

    2x All Star 1B Paul Goldschmidt from the Mystery Ball table!

    2013 All Star P Pat Corbin from the Mystery Ball table!

    IP of Addison Reed

    IP of Josh Collmenter

    IP of Joel Adamson
    Luis Gonzalez Collection: 878/3061 = 28.68%
    US ARMY: 2005 - 2013
    OEF-P: 2/09-9/09 & 10/10-10/11 / OEF: 9/13-8/14

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    and my final IP... TRAVIS LEE!!

    the "original" color logo (from AZ Dbacks FB page)

    the entire "Alumni Squad" (from AZ Dbacks FB page)

    Again... thanx for the look!
    Luis Gonzalez Collection: 878/3061 = 28.68%
    US ARMY: 2005 - 2013
    OEF-P: 2/09-9/09 & 10/10-10/11 / OEF: 9/13-8/14

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    what kind of pens did you use on that synthetic leather ball? Those look good man!!
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    All I used was a ball point pen. My recent ones are looking better than older ones. My older ones are so faded that they look terrible but I am ok with that because all my IPs are PC and never gonna be sold
    Luis Gonzalez Collection: 878/3061 = 28.68%
    US ARMY: 2005 - 2013
    OEF-P: 2/09-9/09 & 10/10-10/11 / OEF: 9/13-8/14

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    Those look awesome! congrats!
    pm me if you have St. Louis Cardinals autographs(on flats) for sale

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    Nice haul from the mystery table. I met Luis Gonzalez several years ago at Turner Field and got his auto. Super friendly guy. Since then, I sent a baseball to him TTM and he signed it and added the World Series game winning hit inscription.

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    I met Gonzo in 2005 and got his auto on a baseball. Since then, I am 0 for 3 in TTM attempts. He's one that I have not been able to land in TTM.
    Luis Gonzalez Collection: 878/3061 = 28.68%
    US ARMY: 2005 - 2013
    OEF-P: 2/09-9/09 & 10/10-10/11 / OEF: 9/13-8/14

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    9/13 UPDATE:

    So, last Saturday was the Goldschmidt bobblehead night; meant to honor Goldy for his Silver Slugger and Golden Glove last season. Being that it was his bobblehead, I bought the tickets back in June. Also, I expected a crowd because he is the franchise player.

    Well, about 2 weeks ago, my in-laws said they wanted to go so I ended up buying them tickets as well. We sat in left field; my wife and I on the wall and my in-laws about 5 rows back (it may or may not have been intentional to have them 5 rows back! LOL).

    Well, we arrived at B.o.B. at 3pm when the doors opened. Upon arrival, my wife and I snagged 2 of the Goldy bobbles and they went into the backpack to be opened at a later date.

    The 2014 Goldy Bobblehead!

    After getting the bobbles, my in-laws wanted to walk the stadium and I had "graphing" on my mind. Now, my in-laws are mid-50s so they are not even concerned with graphing and want to see the sights. My wife was playing "Tour Guide Barbie" in that she took them around while I attempted to get some IP success!

    Now, with the game being as hyped as it was, the crowd came strong. Before I could get to the fence, I was already about 2 rows of people back.... not a good position if I wanted some autos.

    Because of the hype, the players really did not make an appearance during warm ups and practice. Let's just say, it was a ghost town in terms of graphing. While waiting, I struck up a conversation with a fan and he was a Season Ticket Holder (STH). He said that Goldy was already out graphing but left when the doors opened to the General Public. At first, I was mad but then again, maybe next time. Goldy isn't the only player I have had zero luck with.

    Unfortunately, the only player that I got to sign was Pitcher Evan Marshall. I wanted to get just a card signed so, luckily I had his RC in hand. He took it and signed with a blue Sharpie.... No complaints!


    Well, I promised the wifey that I would meet them at the Arizona Baseball Club restaurant at 4:15 and there were no other players likely to show. Before Evan went back into the dugout, I was able to get him to sign on the only baseball I had brought.


    All in all, no complaints. All of my IP success are for MY collection so a baseball and RC signed is better than nothing!

    9/17 Update coming up next................
    Luis Gonzalez Collection: 878/3061 = 28.68%
    US ARMY: 2005 - 2013
    OEF-P: 2/09-9/09 & 10/10-10/11 / OEF: 9/13-8/14

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    9/17 UPDATE!

    Well, today was an AWESOME day. My family woke up around 6am and my wife and I took my boys to school while her and I had plans to accomplish some stuff today. We went grocery shopping in anticipation for the Mexico hurricane that has hit the Baja of California. The last time we got rain from one, about 2 weeks ago, it was terrible and we were stuck at home due to severe flooding and road closures... and yes... Arizona does have flooding and rain! lol.

    Anyways, we accomplished everything we wanted around 8:45 am. We sat on the couch and I was checking FaceBook on my iPhone. Low and behold, the Dbacks post their lineup and I noticed the game was a matinee game; 12:40 start! I asked the wife if she would like to go but she said "No" because I "only wanted to go to get autographs." My response, "Um yea... !" She wasn't too keen on my response and the conversation died there... or so I thought.

    Around 10:30, she gets her shoes on and says, "get what you need and let's go." I was shocked because I thought the conversation died there. We jumped in the truck and headed to the B.o.B. for the matinee game. Since we did not have tickets already, I was worried the time necessary for tickets would hinder my chances for some autos.

    We arrived at 11:15 and the gates had just opened. We got our tickets and b-lined it straight to the fence. My wife sat in the seats while I started my normal pacing and fidgeting while I waited and hoped to meet some players. Now, this was my first matinee game so the crowd was REALLY light and I had prime real estate. About 5 mins after getting there, Pitcher Addison Reed showed up. I had already been successful IPing him but why not?!

    I took out my ball and realized I grabbed the wrong one. I grabbed the Evan Marshall IP from the prevous game; 13 September. I thought, oh well... it's not like I am selling it anyway. Addison was extremely interactive with the fans and we spent a minute talking about his Saves and how he was received by the DBacks fans.

    Addison Reed IP on previous Evan Marshall IP Ball.
    Marshall_Reed_IP Baseball.jpg

    Now, by the time he left, the crowd around me started getting thick so I made my way to the dugout. Upon arrival to the dugout, OF David Peralta was inside the dugout but I missed him by seconds... literally... SECONDS!

    My wife sat behind me while I stood there.

    - 3B Aaron Hill poked his head out but never signed.

    - Pitcher Josh Collmenter came out but I did not attempt him because I did not have anything for him to sign and I already got him.

    - Finally.... Vidal Nuno stepped out and I asked him to sign but he walked away to do his stretches. I thought I was gonna miss him again. After about 10 mins, he went to the fence and I b-lined it over there. Nuno was really interactive with all the fans and we spoke briefly on his start tomorrow. I wished him luck and hoped that he finishes the season strong. Since Nuno was traded to the DBacks in June, I do not have a card of him but a ticket is just as good!!

    Pitcher Vidal Nuno IP Ticket
    V.Nuno_IP Ticket.jpg

    - Next up to come out... up-and-coming rookie Pitcher Chase Anderson. He did not sign right off because of stretching but after a few minutes he made his way to the fence as well. This time, he was at the opposite end, near the bullpen, so I made my way over there as well. Chase was speaking with a few kids and some women so I waited a minute. Chase acknowledged me and I asked him to sign. Now.... this was the first time IN A LONG TIME that I have not worn a DBacks shirt to the game. (remember, it was a last minute decision). I grabbed the first couple things I could and forgot to change my shirt. Today, the Dbacks were facing the Giants and I was wearing an orange shirt... AN ORANGE SHIRT!! That was blasphemy!! Now, to top it off, I did not even notice that I had grabbed an orange Sharpie.... ORANGE AGAIN?! was I thinking....?!?!?

    Well, Chase did notice the old school colors on my hat and signed for me, but he did give me a little hell for wearing the enemies' colors. We laughed and I congratulated him on a successful game, the 9/13 game, and we talked about what it was like to have that much run support by the 2nd inning (Note: the Dbacks had 3 runs in each of the first 2 innings; ended up winning 10-4 that night.) Chase was really down to Earth and quick witted to crack some jokes on my unintentional "orange" mishap!

    Rookie Pitcher Chase Anderson IP Ticket
    C.Anderson_IP Ticket.jpg

    Well, by this time, my wife was done with graphing and we decided to walk the stadium. We made a lap and then to our seats where we sat about 5 rows back from the field. During the pregame, some of the DBacks came out to warm up more and more started signing autographs. I thought... bingo, I am gonna break my 6 for 6 streak that I had on 30 August.

    One of the coaches leaned against the wall and started talking personal with a fan. I grabbed the program (because bench coaches rarely have cards anymore) and made my way to the fence. The coach had his back to me, so I did not want to be rude and interrupt. During this time, more and more players came out. I had a handful of cards, and Randall Delgao was signing. Literally, he signed 4 before me and walked past me (while I asked him to sign) and he signed about 5 after me. I was another, "oh well, maybe next time." As soon as Delgado passed, the coach turned around and it was Bullpen Coach, Mel Stottlemyer Jr! He started to walk away but I asked him to sign... AND HE DID!

    Mel Stottlemyer Jr played 1 season (1990) with the KC Royals and this is his second stint as the Bullpen Coach for the DBacks. I was stoked! He signed the program, over his photo!! I am not too keen about this because I cant show off the program, so I am thinking that it may be time for me to try out my "Customs ninja skills" and this will likely become a "Cut Auto."

    Bullpen Coach Mel Stottlemyer Jr IP Program
    Stottlemyre_IP Program.jpg

    Right after Stottlemyer Jr signed, there was ANOTHER pitcher making his way down the fence. This time, I had NO IDEA who it was. I asked him to sign, holding out the program, and he laughed and signed the program. His response, "I really dont like this photo" as he laughed. I looked down and it was Pitcher Zeke Spruill. Again, I am not keen on the program so this may end up as a "Cut Auto" for the Custom DBacks PC.

    Pitcher Zeke Spruill IP Program
    Spruill_IP Program.jpg

    So... at this point I am 5/5. I would call that successful but I am addicted to graphing. I went back to my seat and put my program away and pulled out the cards that I had brought. I was eager with the cards because the starting lineup was out on the field and I had a bunch of those cards. A few minutes later, Rookie SS Chris Owings came to the wall and I shot over there! This time, I had my blue marker with me to look awesome on his Topps Debut RC. Chris was signing and kept overlooking my card.

    After about 3 times, having to shuffle down the crowd, Chris grabbed my marker and card! I thought... "%^& yea!, I finally got Chris Owings' auto!" He signed the card... and resigned.... and THE MARKER WAS DRY!! He handed it back and said, "your marker isn't working bro!" He moved on with another 3 or 4 then went to the dugout. ..... As quickly as I was excited, I lost my chance..... I was bummed, to say the least.

    I had it... the card is still imprinted with his attempt to sign and I learned a VERY VALUABLE lesson today.... ALWAYS TEST YOUR MARKER MULTIPLE TIMES TO ENSURE IT WORKS!!

    Today was not bad at all.... 5/5 is good in my book! I could have made it 6 but maybe next time!

    If you made it this far, thanks for the read. I know this one was a bit longer but I am sure the dry marker was good for a laugh or two! lol.

    Luis Gonzalez Collection: 878/3061 = 28.68%
    US ARMY: 2005 - 2013
    OEF-P: 2/09-9/09 & 10/10-10/11 / OEF: 9/13-8/14

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