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    Topps Base Wantlist...more to come soon. Must be regular issue card from the main topps set of player..please no allstar,gold glove,star company,mvp,world series,checklist cards,etc. Tradelist is in sig. PWE trades welcome. I will also consider buying these if at a good rate.
    T=Topps, TT=Topps Traded

    Jim Abbott 92T,93TT,94 T
    Bobby Abreu 99T#181,01T#487
    Doyle Alexander 73T,74T
    Pete (Grover Clev.) Alexander
    Dick (Richie) Allen
    Bob Allison
    Roberto Alomar 97T,98T,02T,03T#60,03TT#T59,05T#626
    Sandy Alomar 93,95,97
    Felipe Alou
    Moises Alou 93,94,95,96,97,02,03,05
    Brady Anderson
    Garret Anderson
    Joaquin Andujar 77 T,79T,80T
    Cap Anson
    Luis Aparicio
    Kevin Appier 92T,94T,95T,96T,97T,99T,00T,01T,03 T,04T
    Luke Appling
    Tony Armas 79T,85T,86T
    Richie Ashburn
    Andy Ashby 94T,95T,96T,97T,99T,00T,02T,03T
    Bronson Arroyo 02T,03T,04T,05T,06T,09 T,10T,11T,12T
    Jeff Bagwell 93T,98T,
    Carlos Beltran 01T,03T,05T,06T,09T
    Wade Boggs 89T,92T,94T,95T,96T,98T
    Jose Canseco 93T,94T,95T,96T,97T,98T,99T,00T
    Will Clark 90T,95T,97T,98T
    Clemens 86
    Johnny Damon 97,98,99,00,03,04,05,07,12US
    Andre Dawson 78,79,81,82,85,92,93
    Eckersley 76,77,78,79,80,81,82,83,84,86
    Ethier 08,09
    Dwight Evans 76,77,78,79,81,83,84,85,87,90
    Rollie Fingers 72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82
    Chuck Finley 92,93,94,95,96,98,00,00TT,
    Carlton Fisk 72,73,74,75,76,78,79,80,81,82,85,87,88,89,90
    A.Galarraga 92T,93T,96T,99T,00T,02T
    Troy Glaus 03T
    Alfredo Griffin 80T,89T
    Ron Guidry 77T,78T,79T,80T,81T,82T
    Tony Gwynn 85T,94T,95T
    Todd Helton 02T,03T,10T
    Felix Hernandez 09
    Derek Jeter 97T,98T,99T,00T,01T,02T,03T,04T,05T,06T,07T,08T,09 T,11T
    Randy Johnson 92T,94T,95T,96T,97T,98T,99T,00T,01T,03T,04T,05T,06 T,07T,09T
    Dennis Leonard 76T,77T,78T,79T,80T,87T
    Dave Parker 75T,77T,80T
    Pedroia 09 T,10T
    Pence 09T,10T
    Terry Pendleton 92T,95 T,96T
    Mike Piazza 94T,95T,96T,01T,02T,03T,04T,05T,07T
    Kirby Puckett 92T,93T,94T,95T,96T
    Pujols 04T,05T,07T,08T,09T,11T,12T
    CC Sabathia 04T,11T,12T
    Saberhagen 01T
    Tim Salmon 95T,98T,03T
    Ryne Sandberg 85T,90T,91T,94T,96T,97T
    Mike Schmidt 74T,75T,76T,77T,78T,79T,80T,85T
    Ted Simmons 75T,76T,77T,78T,79T
    Lonnie Smith 89T
    Ozzie Smith 85T,87T,94T,95T
    John Smoltz 92T,94T,95T,96T,98T,99T,01T,03T,04T,05T,06T,07T,08 T,09T
    Alfonso Soriano 03T,04T,05T,06T,10T
    Sammy Sosa 91,92,94,95,97,98,99,03,05
    Dave Stewart 95TT
    Dave Stieb 84T
    Strawberry 91T,97T,99T
    Sutcliffe 87T,91T,92T,93T
    Frank Tanana 75T,76T,77T,78T,79T,82T
    Miguel Tejada 99T,02T,03T,06T,07T
    Frank Thomas 92T,94T,95T,96T,97T,00T,03T,05T,06T
    Jim Thome 95T,01T,02T,04T,05T,06T,08T,09T,11T,12T
    Trammell 84T,92T
    Utley: 05T,06T,07T,09T
    Greg Vaughn 96T,97T,99T
    Larry Walker 92T,95T,96T,99T,01T,02T,03T,04T,05T
    Tim Wallach 82T,89T,92T,95T
    Jared Weaver 08T,09T
    Bob Welch 84T,92T,94T
    Jayson Werth 02,03,04,05,07,
    Dave Winfield 75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82,86,87,88,90,91
    Carl Yastrzemski 63,64,65,66,67,68,69,70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79 ,80,81,82
    Michael Young 02,03,04,06,09,10,11
    Yount 76,77,79,80,85,93
    Ryan Zimmerman 07,09,10,11
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    Interested in baseball base and low value inserts.

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    Interested in baseball base and low value inserts.

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    Wantlist updated, check out my TL if you have some of these. PWE welcome.
    Interested in baseball base and low value inserts.

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    Get rid of those unwanted base cards, check out my TL!
    Interested in baseball base and low value inserts.

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    28Mar bump....
    Interested in baseball base and low value inserts.

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    I'm pretty sure I have some of these, I'll look through some boxes for you and let you know for sure.

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