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    Size17shoes NFL Custom Card Art

    I like to find renders and turn them into art. The pieces can be used as part of a custom card design

    Jerry Rice:

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    That looks pretty sick. Something like that would look awesome as a pic in a house.

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    Thanks Cfagento! my art is always available for a donation. I am pleased you like my work! Also, I have other pieces available donation page is here

    Here's some new art

    Robert Griffin III

    Uploaded with

    Peyton Manning

    Uploaded with

    Lebron James

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with ImageShack.usRoethlisberger

    Derek Jeter

    Uploaded with

    President Obama

    Uploaded with

    Angelina Jolie

    Uploaded with

    Jerry Rice

    Uploaded with
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    Clay Matthews Jr.

    Uploaded with

    Larry Johnson- RB Chiefs

    Uploaded with

    Adrian Peterson

    Uploaded with

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    Allen Iverson: Practice???[/IMG]

    Ed Reed[/IMG]

    Charlie Joiner[/IMG]

    Terry Bradshaw[/IMG]

    Dwight Stephenson[/IMG]

    Franco Harris[/IMG]

    Ed Too Tall Jones[/IMG]

    Shannon Sharpe[/IMG]

    Anthony Munoz[/IMG]

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    will also accept card cash if you wish to print out my work..let me know if you interested and ill remove the watermarks

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    for a donation either pp or cc, you can print out the pic without a watermark on it

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    due to lack of interest, please close thread

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