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    FBI Doesn't Like iPhone Security Features

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    I find it interesting that the FBI is so concerned with ensuring that they can read people's text messages, emails, etc. with or without your knowledge or permission. This whole "pedophile/kidnapper" excuse doesn't hold water with me. Convicted sex offenders account for .002% of the American population and last I checked the FBI doesn't get involved in sex offender cases unless the sex offender flees across state lines or is a multi-state offender, so this whole line of excuses to not like the IOS security features is a full-blown line of crap IMO.

    Simple reality. The FBI and probably a whole string of other alphabet soup agencies use technology trolling software that scans emails, text messages, message boards like SCF, social media and every other website for keywords. The new IOS and planned similar software for Andriod makes these guys have to actually present you with a valid search warrant to get at this info and they don't like that.

    +1 for our 4th Amendment rights

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    they should just hire google,they seem to be spying on everyone anyways

    hey google,im not looking to buy a car no more so can you please take all these car dealer ads away?
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