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    I'm back and looking to make some deals! TRADE/BUY/SELL!

    I just got back into collecting and still have all my high end stuff.

    i am now looking to add to the collection and maybe make some trades.

    please just go through my bucket and tell me what you like!

    thanks, Bryan
    Trading for High End cards from all sports!

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    Like the Darwin Barney Dual Jersey Auto. CMB and LMK.
    Please, no PWE trades! Send in bubble mailer as I do the same! Hidden Content
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    Check my bucket for the dimaggio patch and/or the ryan cut

    PM Me if you like anything


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    Like the pujols triple auto and mattingly auto
    Trading for High End cards from all sports!

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    I like numerous things so check my list and let me know what you like and we can surely work something out.
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    All well organized and regularly updated.

    TRADING NOTE : I ask that you post all trades so I can verify I still have the cards and then allow up to 1 week for shipment. This is my busy time of year.

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    I like a few. Let me know if you see anything of interest in my bucket. Thanks!

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    shoot me a pm regarding the papa bell cut. thanks!
    Hello all! I am also an active member of TheBench (feel free to ask for references)! Always looking to trade or sell. My wants and tradelist are on my site. - my site:

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