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    Absolutely INSANE 7-Way 2011-12 SOTT Autos

    I will let the pics do the talking...

    Mainly looking to trade but price is $1000 OBO.

    Also has the cert that came in the sleeve.

    Looking for high end in return from all sports.

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    What a beauty! I have some high end hockey and nice baseball if you want to check my bucket.
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    Always looking for Bruins PC cards - Shields, 1/1s, anything high end! PM me if you want to trade!

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    I trade/buy/sell by MV, while respecting YV (my value, your value) thank you.
    Collecting Stamkos, Toews, Crosby, Tavares Rookies

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    PMs sent to everyone. TONS of interest. Just not the right offer yet. Will field Cash offers...

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    Well,that would be amazing in my Tavares PC but nothing for
    you unfortunately.Thanks for sharing all the same and free bump
    for a great card!!!
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    i have some nice traders check em out! could also give a cash deal, or combo of the two, if you have a possible range in mind, thanks
    Check out my bucket (will be updated soon)
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    Check out my Trade List (newly updated THE CUP, SPA and ULTIMATE lists!)
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    Check Out My needs: Hidden Content (Newly Updated!)

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    pms sent with interest.... would love to trade this down for some showcase cards!

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    Bump for a new week!

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    Please check out my traders in my sig. Bunch of nice cards in there.
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