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    Looking for Video Games

    Thanks everyone who looks at this thread.
    I am currently looking for games that I can play on any of these systems

    I would be Willing to Trade Or Purchase.
    If there is something you liek of mine and you have nothing I need I will still be willing to Sale as well

    Looking for the Following Games

    Nintendo (NES) Regular...... Any Game would be fine

    SEGA GENESIS....... Looking for Any Game....

    PS1 ... Looking for games that Have AT LEAST Original case.

    REGULAR XBox...... Games Must have Original Case and covers......

    PS2 ...... Must Have Original Case and Cover.......

    Scratches on the games are Fine as long as there are not a lot of them or Deep. If the game playes then I will still take it.

    I have Games from Nintendo(Regular), Super Nintendo, Sega, Game Gear, NES DS, PS1,PS2, and XBox I could trade. Have a few Gameboy games nad a few GameCube Games as well, but not much.....
    LMK What you have and I will Let you know what I need from your list.
    If there is something I like LMK which systems you would be looking for as well.

    For all those you are interested in the Game Consoles. I have 6 extra Regular Nintendos complete with Cords , 3 Extra XBOX consoles Complete with Cords, 3 Extra PS1's complete with Cords , and 2 Extra PS2 Consoles as well complete with Cords.

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    what type of PS2 games are you looking for as I have mostly sports titles and racing with a couple shooting style..would be looking to sell, but will be cheap

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    Mostly Action/Adventure, Stategy, RPG, Puzzle Solving, Family oriented or single player type games.

    Sports, or Gun Games are two of the MOST unliked stuff I play.
    LMK if you have anything. Thanks

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    Do you have any games for trade? have some extra genesis games i could move, have all the consoles you listed already though.

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    I have games for trade for anyone who has games for trade that I would like.
    List what you got. I have around 60+ Regular Nintendo Games, 5 or 6 Super Nintendo, around 40 or so Sega, 50 or so PS1, 100 or so PS2, and around a 100 or so from regular XBox.... Of course I have around 30 DS games, a few Game Gear, Gameboy games, and some missilanious other games around here I donot play any more.
    LMK what you got and what you would be looking for in trade?

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    i have the justice league game for xbox i could do for 15 shipped

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    Quote Originally Posted by OMG QUAAAADS View Post
    i have the justice league game for xbox i could do for 15 shipped
    Thanks but pass on that. Looking to make a trade first. Buying is a last resort thing

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    Please shoot me your list of regular Xbox and Gamecube games. I have over 100 NES games that I would part with.
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    check out my site tons with pics and prices!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrlebert View Post
    Please shoot me your list of regular Xbox and Gamecube games. I have over 100 NES games that I would part with.
    List what you have please. If there are some games I need for my collection I will shoot you a list of the XBox and GameCube Games I have. I do not have a current list yet but trying to make time to type them all out.

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