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Thread: Setting Teams for Football

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    Setting Teams for Football

    It allows you to set the team for any pro team, but are college teams going to be added? Minor league teams in Baseball are listed and college teams in Basketball are as well, but nothing except pro teams in Football. I wanted to tag by Michigan State cards for Football which is why I ask.
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    It's realy a request you should post in the football sub forum and really up to them to gather the information to be added and request the addition. Like on the site we have member that step to help and they are assign in a sport of their choice. For instance Hockey and racing are very active in their section but in other sports at time personal life issue take time away for cetain staff and they can't afford to put as much time and football was a sport lacking but I know it may change soon as some seem to have more time latly but still have a lot of release to add and catch up on things and error reported. So post there, ask for it, just don't expect it to be done as fast as you would like as they will need to prioritise adding new release first.
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