I love hearing these kinds of stories, and had one to share to keep autograph spirits bright!
I enjoy collecting team autographs of world series champions, super bowl champs, etc. Six years ago, I sent out a batch to the 1981 SF 49ers, and did fairly well getting responses. I enjoy writing to guys who maybe don't get bags of mail every day, as they often go out of their way to be kind, whether sending one of their own cards, or writing nice notes. One guy I wrote to was DB Rick Gervais (not the guy from the Office), but didn't get a reply.
Last night, I get an email from him, apologizing profusely and saying he found my letter cleaning files in his desk, and asked me what I'd like for him to send me that he would sign. I was (and am) shocked that he'd do this six years later... What a class move.
And no, I didn't ask him to send his super bowl ring. :-)
Keep sending 'em out! You never know...