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    Cool Reed Trading Card design contest

    I'm starting this contest to have a design ready for print. I need two designs. Two winners will be selected. I would like feedback from others on the design work so I can better make my selections.I have a box of around 175 ttm football autographs, few pack autographs and a few memoribila cards to use as a prize as well as my card cash to divide between two people. The rules of the contest go as follows:

    base card front and back design (no use of team logos and no stats on back)widescreen
    autograph/ memorabilia design front and back widescreen

    i like a retro feel but with a modern look.

    for the autograph card, no signing boxes, half circles, etc for the signing area..i like it faded in

    100% ORIGINAL DESIGN ..NO prior templates to be submitted

    my logo will be placed on the card as well as relics for the base card as well as official rookie card with the year and retro ink for the autograph cards

    i have to head to work so I have to be brief. Will go into more detail when I come home.

    Here are a few of the cards

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    Ok..Here are some of the guidelines for the designs

    Base card

    must be designed in photoshop

    must be in cmyk color

    300 dpi
    widescreen view( also known as landscape view)

    no logo of teams to be used

    has to stand out from whats on todays market

    i like color

    no dark backgrounds

    autograph/ memorabilia card

    widescreen view

    use your imagination on this one

    no team logos are to be used

    for signing area , an object such as a football helmet would be fine

    patrick heenan rookie 1960 washington redskins

    my logo

    if you can design a better logo than this for Reed, then i would be happy
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    i have 17 former NFLers lined up for cards and it grows weekly and still no design. i was also offered a 2013 developmental league season from Garrick jones former NFL player. So , I have found some NFL refractor cards and a beckett graded 2008 Score Joe Flacco 9.5 gem mint rc i will add as prizes. So, if you are serious about designing cards then submit a design. Among the refractors is a uncirculated red border topps chrome curtis martin, who was inducted in the pro football HOF this past weekend. I will let the forums remark on the designs to achieve a desired look. I could probably use more than two designs but everything starts at 1. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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    Give me a day or two. I have a couple of card fronts made, but need to design the backs. I'll throw something your way in the next few days.
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    Always looking for cards/memorabilia to trade from:

    Scott Spiezio, Kelly Dransfeldt, Billy Petrick, Zack Petrick, Jacob Goebbert, Jeff Query, & Dez Clark. Chicago Cubs, Bears & Blackhawks

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    Thank you SCF for the birthday card cash! it was unexpected but I am humbled by the gesture. Im hoping people are finding an interest in this thread. The prize values exceed the $2-$3 being charged for customs. I have around 175 ttm autographs to give away, plus around 30 refractors, a gem mint joe flacco rc, and some other goodies. I had hoped to have a card designed by today but it hasn't went as planned but i will remain optimistic and hope for the best. There will be several designs selected depending on the number of entrants. Thanks for browsing this thread and have a great day!

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    still no interest i see...any suggestions?

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    lost another designer.. im giving up..
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