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    Quote Originally Posted by mikesilvia View Post
    There will be some changes to the VIP Membership that will take effect on 1 September, 2012.

    • The $12 annual Premium Membership will go away. No new Premium memberships will be allowed to sign up and current Premium members will not be allowed to renew. Current Premium Members will see no change to their account until their expiration date is reached.
    • The $20 annual VIP Membership will increase to $25 a year. The cost is going up from $1.67 a month to $2.08 a month. I feel the VIP membership is still an extremely great value and is a great way to support SCF while gaining great benefits on the site. VIP Members don't see ads, get discounts in the Card Cash Store, get exclusive contests and forum, first crack and discount on Card Cash pack sales and tons of other extras that can be seen here. Current VIP members will not be effected on 1 September. If you purchase or renew your VIP membership before 1 September, 2012, you will not need to upgrade until 1 year after your sign up/renewal date.

    This increase is due to many reasons to include shipping costs (mailing Card Cash store items and Card Cash packs) and the cost overall to manage the the program and add value to SCF. The cost to upgrade our software and add new features is around $20,000 this year alone. Our monthly server cost to handle the increased traffic almost doubled from our last move.

    The VIP Membership funds the Card Cash pack sales and other aspects of the VIP Program, and we will be increasing benefits soon. I ask that all members looking to support SCF consider the VIP Program.

    This month we will be communicating with our current Premium/VIP Members to work on a smooth transition. Please stay tuned for more updates as we approach September 1st, 2012.

    Think u got screwed on the server move cus it aint handling crap i keep getting this!!

    The server is too busy. Please try again later.
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    Just my 2 pennies, I have 0 issue with the VIP going up $5. I understand some people might but I agree that in the grand scheme of $ we all spend on our hobby about $2 a month is nothing!
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    Glad I read this because last night I was about to sign up for a membership. I think it is a great deal whether it is $12, $20 or even $25. I for one have been to a lot of other sites but this community has been by far the best in my experience. In my short time here I've already had conversations with members over private messaging, was invited to a card show in my area, and had some people want to help me out with trades. When you find a good community like this I find it is best to support it in anyway you can. Especially if the increase is only .40 cents a month. For $25 a year, this really isn't bad at all for a hobby that you enjoy. I used to go out with my wife and drink at least one night a week. It was easy to drops $100 on a night out. We've both grown out of that. So to me, spending $2 a month on something I enjoy isn't too bad at all. At least it is a positive experience that can lead to some good friendships.
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    I have no problem with the increase of $5 but I haven't been able to take advantage of many of the perks. The Card Cash sales for VIP members are posted and gone so fast I always miss them. A lot of the benefits I just miss. I don't travel out of the hockey area of the site so a VIP Lounge with exclusive contests isn't beneficial. I didn't even know about the priority to request cards from sponsored breaks or how you go about doing that?

    I originally bought my VIP membership as a way to support SCF and will continue to do so as I like no ads, extra PM space, larger signature, etc. Also I like the new trade manager and site overall but there are still some issues. The first is that the server is too busy so you can't access the site. Happens way more now than before the upgrade. As a VIP member we should not be blocked from accessing the site.
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    I dont have an issue either. However this is the second time I have been involved with an issue that directly effects me that should not have in the first place.

    I signed up as VIP for a year. 4 months in im told I expired. So now I cant pm and my email has gone unanswered.

    The rate increase I can see. The way in which things are done seem to are a bit willynilly.
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    Have you spoken to anyone about this issue yet?
    Quote Originally Posted by Aknot View Post
    I dont have an issue either. However this is the second time I have been involved with an issue that directly effects me that should not have in the first place.

    I signed up as VIP for a year. 4 months in im told I expired. So now I cant pm and my email has gone unanswered.

    The rate increase I can see. The way in which things are done seem to are a bit willynilly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steven_morgan View Post
    Have you spoken to anyone about this issue yet?
    Yes I have.

    Twice here and an email since I can not access (send/receive) now that I was removed fromVIP status.
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    All is good here. Payment wise, breaking it down monthly may help in overall. Just like cable, water ect. if people pay monthly they have less complaints since the number is low. If you were to pay for a years worth of cable all at once, you would probably think twice about it. 25 dollars for a year is not much at all, but you may gain more members by splitting the payments up
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    I think that if you are here and wanting to support the site, 5 dollars in not much at all. If you are willing to spend the 20 for the extras of PM space and now special breaks, whats not buying one extra pack of cards a year to make up that cost. Heck, if you drive by the card shop once when you had planned on going in, theres 5 years of VIP membership!

    I think that it would be nice to offer the monthly fees, but then if you look at it from there end, that's a lot more processing with keeping up to date on status of membership. If it is done just through paypal, most likely some fees involved which would add up drastically from monthly transactions.
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