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Thread: Base card collectors

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    Base card collectors

    I have a full box(660) of base cards from the 09 - 12 season. I am looking to move them all for a few decent jersey cards so something good.

    If anyone is interested, let me know.

    PMs work best.

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    A lot of 11-12 UD Series 1; 10/11 Pinnacle, few 11/12 Pinnacle.

    Willing to move them for base cards I don't have.

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    any inserts
    Looking for RC of Star Players and High Prospects (YG Primarily)
    Also looking for Autos of Star Players/Current Canuck Roster/ Hall Of Famers

    My Photobucket Link ( Work In Progress )
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    For Sale Or Trade ( NHL Teams )
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    Quote Originally Posted by kidkanada View Post
    any inserts
    No, just all common base.

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    I'm interested in any Canucks base cards, but would prefer to trade them for other base or inserts/rookies from my list here:!
    I have decided to sell my collection.
    Please watch my (click link) --> Hidden Content <-- (click link) as I add items to sell.

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    I have a small box(roughly around 200 common base) of Pinnacle/SP Authentic I would like to all trade.

    If anyone is interested, let me know.

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