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    Tom Sestito's hit in British league sent a guy to the hospital

    As we noted Monday, it was a busy weekend for Tom Sestito in Britain's Elite Ice Hockey League. He scored a few points, got in a fight with an old AHL foe and then got in a big, funny Twitter argument with the guy.

    Oh, and he was given a match penalty and faces a three-game suspension for a hit to the head of a different opposing player. We're now learning more about that hit, which the EIHL said was delivered to the head of Hull Stingrays forward Andy Ward.
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  2. Kronozio
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    Aside from the fact that the guy he brutalized doesn't even come up to his shoulders.... a true champion, tough guy picking on a guy half his size. Can't wait to see him get his face pounded a few (deserved) times once the NHL picks back up again!

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    I swear Sestito is half-retarded. And I don't mean any offense to mentally disabled people, Sestito is just that stupid.
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    I somewhat agree, but try and watch your language, please. T'is the rules! :)

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