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    Would like some help from fellow members!

    Hey guys, i know this technically isnt the proper area but i wasnt quite sure where i should put this and you guys are always extremely helpful!

    So I am trying to sell my Samsung Galaxy S3 since i bought it out right last summer and just finished my contract i went and got a HTC One today so its no longer needed. I posted it up on ebay and craigslist.

    I got a few texts lastnight from an area code in Atlanta (Im in Florida). The first guy asked if it was available still when i said yes he asked if he could call but i was at work so i informed him i couldnt talk on the phone but could text. Then later i get a text from the same area code asking if its available i tell him it is, then they say they will pay $60 more than im asking plus $100 shipping to send it to Quebec for his son.... So i ask him how he is going to pay and he replies "Okay do you have a account with payal so i can transfer the money to you asap..." I havent replied and he sends "???"

    Think its a scam, I trust paypal of course but what im worried about is getting the money and then him asking for a refund and it going in his favor type thing. Anyone been in this type of situation?
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    it is a scam..never put anything on Craigslist...I had the same problem when I was trying to sell my Dodge Neon about 7 months back..if it sounds to good to be true, it is

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