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    New card design thanks to Eric (Nerf2003)..We were trying for a 2001 Fleer GOTG feel. if you have any suggestions to make this design better, please feel free to let me know.

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    I think the card would work better as a vertical design. The auto cuts through Connery's head and there is a lot of dead space.

    The Sean Connery font feels a little "slapped on" and is lost in the design.

    I enjoy the concept though.

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    Dead space? are you referring to the white border? The border is only beyond the frame slightly. There were safety lines on the ps file but they didn't show up on the jpeg. I'm not familiar how PS works so if anyone would like to take a shot of tweaking this, I'll gladly send you the files. I have files for both, front and back.
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    No. I mean within the gold border. I assumed there was safety lines for cutting as the amount of space outside the border is extreme.

    I get the look of simplicity (lack of background) and like it. But to have Connery's autograph cut through his face and obscure the gun completely doesn't work. By scaling back the photo any more (to about his waist), you would be increasing the amount of white space within the border (which in my opinion doesn't work either).

    By going to a vertical design, you can better utilize the photo (I'm assuming there's more to the photo than just mid-chest), have the auto not obscure the pic and reduce the amount of dead space within the frame.

    Just my thoughts.

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    i understand what you mean..just don't know how to change it lol. i'm limited to shadows. coloring, text, etc.. anything else and i am lost

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    I'm working with a gentleman who takes photos and creates paintings of them..I'm waiting on my Jack Lambert, Joe Montana, and Chuck Bednarik paintings to arrive soon. I'm a huge fan of art and I think these will work well for a card design.

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    Received the Lambert today! Now to figure out a design to showcase it

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    This painting will be used in my card design so I do not give permission to copy, This is exclusive property of Reed Trading Cards. Now to come up with an awesome card design to fit around the painting. I'm quite pleased on how this came out. The joe Montana should be completed next followed by the Chuck Bednarik.
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