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    Those paintings are amazing, cant wait to see the card you make!
    Every curse, lie, violation of our lives. Every careless shallow breath,
    Corruption of our minds. All the blood and the shame, defamation of name.
    The weight of a wicked world embodied on a thankless crucifix

  2. Kronozio
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    These paintings will be used in my card design so I do not give permission to copy, This is exclusive property of Reed Trading Cards
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    Thanks jake for the compliment. I'm quite pleased on how these paintings turned out. There will more to come soon. Let me know if you ever need some made.

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    These were old black and white photos that I had colorized

    Sid Gillman

    Sammy Baugh

    Jim Thorpe

    Bronko Nagurski

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    Doak Walker

    Bill Willis

    Wayne Millner

    Jack Butler

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    Bill Ferrario
    rookie 2001

    2001-2003 Packers
    2004 Redskins
    2005 Panthers
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    I have an artist make these for me
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    Love what you're doing. If you need any help, let me know. I've been a graphic designer for almost 10 years.

    Also, I saw your old post on GotPrint. I've been using them for almost 10 years as well and love them!

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    was going through some of my old art pieces and figured I would post some for you. Hope you enjoy them!

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    Uploaded with
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