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    FT Xbox 360, wireless controller, Modern Warfare 3, turtle beach headset for baseball

    Title says it all. I'm looking to trade my Xbox 360 for baseball cards. You get:

    Xbox 360
    20gb hard drive
    Wireless controller
    hdmi cable
    turtle beach headphones and proper adapter to work with hdmi
    Modern Warfare 3

    Please feel free to make a PayPal offer as well. Pm or post here if interested. Any questions please ask.

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    what kind of cards are you looking for and trade value?

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    Do you still have the XBOX? If you do, please look at my photobucket and make yourself a hefty lot (in your favor) from my baseball section or/and combination of my other sports cards. Please LMK.
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    What Turtle Beach's are these?
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    Looking for Redskins and Vikings.

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    I'm interested in the lot lmk if you still selling/tradeing.

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    CMB and let me know if there is anything for ya...
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