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Thread: Inventory Problems

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    Inventory Problems

    When I try to access my card inventory through the drop down box("View Card Inventory") that appears when I click on my user name, 'rolly89', it keeps taking me to a page that reads "The webpage cannot be found"; can this tech issue be corrected? Also the link "View Card Inventory" that appears below the line "Feedback Score" takes me to an inventory that has no cards listed in it; how can I get the cards listed in the drop down box card inventory(once it is up and running again) to be added to the card inventory that has no listed cards without having to retype all the card information? I would also like to have the full address of my card inventory so that I can type it out in my Signature so that other traders can have access to it;
    Link to Card Inventory:
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    we do not use the old SCF inventory, it was uninstalled this summer. We have had the new inventory for three years now and decided it was time to remove the old one. Like we left it for three years you member can have time to make the change. The link need to be change as obviously the uninstall did not remove it. So I will take a note to either remove it or change it to the new one.

    Now in the new inventory you do not type the card info. Just search select and add via action. We maintain a full card database with over 5 millions cards in it.

    Check the tutorial forum for more info on how to add cards in the new Inevntory. Also the old Inventory was not compatible with the new one so it was not possible to import cards in it.
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