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    Current SCF Group Breaks!

    Hey everyone!

    This thread will show any group box/case breaks from the SCF staff/sponsors that are still being filled. Feel free to head over and check them out!

    2012 Topps Platinum

    2012 Topps Archives
    2012 Topps Triple Threads - VIP ONLY

    Hockey Mix
    11-12 In the Game Enforcers
    2012 Panini Dominion


    12-13 Panini Crusade 3 Box Group Break

    Sports Card Forum
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    Super-collecting Jake Locker.

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    Bumping up so everyone sees new additions.
    Andrew Bailey: 192/240 not including 1/1's (80.0%); 206/436 cards including 1/1's(47.2%)

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    New breaks added!
    Super-collecting Jake Locker.

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    I collect Amare, Nash and Shawn Marion (base, insert, rc's, gu and autos)
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