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    **paypal ready 1,000$ for ice patch auto /10 of VORACEK**


    I'm interest to pay 1 000$ for that piece

    2008-09 UD ice rc patch auto/10 jakub voracek

    email me at

    --» no post please

    Ty, Lmk,

    Olivier Parent

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    You guys are related right ?
    08/09 Ultimate Autographed Rookie patch /25 set builder. 40/41 , ( 40/40? )
    Need: Boychuk, Okposo* Ultimate rookie auto patch /25
    Collecting James Neal and High End rookie cards

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    mat, si ta un problème vien me parler...pas de post de marde dememe svp..merci

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    if you are going to post on SCF, you cannot direct people away from the site. You must do SCF deals here on SCF, in your threads or through PMs. You cannot force people to contact you via email or away from the site. You cannot say "no post please" or "email me". This is not allowed.
    Please stand by.

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    Thanks Paul for your help, mathieu is just jalous..You know what's funny? That guy is not having 20 years old like me but around 35 and he talk like a baby

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    Bonjour! Now back to my pizza au pepperoni.
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    I'm closing this thread, please start a new one, please.
    Please stand by.

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