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    2007 Bowman Chrome Refractor football Set, Pre New Years Eve Slideshow!

    I started this refractor set probably middle of 2014. It consisted of 220 cards where the first 55 cards are short print rookies of /500 and you could only obtain them through the regular Bowman Product.

    The regular Bowman Chrome therefore consisted of no. 56-220.

    I mainly choose Bowman Chrome refractors because it is a much harder set to put together than the Chrome set where you get tons of refractors a box. In Bowman Chrome you might get 5 refractors in a box, So thats a ton of boxes that must be busted to put this set together. I busted 0 boxes! HA!!

    7 Cards are missing but one is incoming and I will pick up the last 2 on the internet by the end of the week and update the photos. There are 4 short print rookies that are not available at COMC, sportlots, ebay, or Beckett Marketplace so I must wait. So I just wanted everyone to see my slideshow to show off a bit.

    Notable rookies are Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch. The Short Print rookies which are black contain Darrell Revis, Ahmad Bradshaw to name a few. Let me know what you think guys!
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