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    Sending Baseballs TTM

    Ive been sending baseball TTMs for over a year now.I mainly send cards and index cards,and 95% of the players I send to are retired.
    I'm thinking of sending some baseballs.My question is,the players I want to send to played in the '50's and '60's,what type of balls
    should I send? A modern ROMLB even though they didn't play in that era?I do this as a hobby so I'm not to worried about values.
    What do you guys think.

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    I have sent out modern ROMLB to guys of any era. Its really difficult and quite expensive to get older OMLB, and then wonder about sending them out and getting them back.

    Who are you looking to send to?

    I am in the process of getting the '59 Dodgers WS team on a ball, and its proving very expensive and time consuming.

    Other than that, GOOD LUCK!
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    Thanks! I'm gonna try Erskine first.Then Bunning,Shantz,and Al Rosen.
    Good luck with the Dodgers WS ball.Who do you have so far?

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    Erskine is a GREAT TTM signer, probably one of the best. He was the first person I sent to for that one.

    So far, I have Erskine, Roger Craig, Joe Pignatano, and Chuck Essegian, and its out to Norm Sherry right now.

    Are you just going for players who will sign for free, or would you pay for one? Other guys I have gotten on balls are Maury Wills, Tommy Davis, Don Newcombe, and Whitey Ford.
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    When I can afford to I'd like to send to some others.I'm a big fan of the Dodgers from the '40's to the mid '60's.Wills,Newcombe,and T.Davis I have on cards,and
    I have a '55 Sports Illustrated signed by Newcombe,but would also like to get them on baseballs.

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    I am a HUGE Dodgers fan and I added the address for Davis and Wills to the TTM Manager. They go through a new marketing company and charge only $10 per auto, and $5 per inscription. I asked for a specific inscription from Maury, and let Tommy add what he wanted to. Here is what I got back from them:

    Collecting any Dodger or Wazzu autos

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    They are nice!I really like the Davis ball.I think I will send one out to him on payday.How long did it take to get back?

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    Davis took about two weeks to get back, Wills was two months I think.
    Collecting any Dodger or Wazzu autos

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