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Thread: A few things.

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    A few things.

    First, the 1999 upper deck century legends Steve Young Century memories is missing.
    Second, I have 3 2010 Pink Breast Cancer cards and that set doesn't seem to be in the inventory.
    And finally I was wondering if the 2012 Topps Kickoff Redemption cards will be added?

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    I added the 2012 Topps Kickoff cards today.

    Can I get a card number for the Steve Young card and perhaps a scan so I can make sure it's not mis-listed?

    And can you list the 2010 Breast Cancer cards so I can add them? I'll need Player Name, Card # and Team please.

    Always looking for Andy Dalton & Tyler Eifert cards.
    Also cards of Trent Dilfer, Jim Harbaugh & Stan Humphries + others. Hidden Content
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    Hidden Content - 25.9% - 597 /2303 Regular Cards, 64 /873 1 of 1s

    Contact me for any OPG related issues.

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    Yeah my bad on forgetting the card number there, its 172. All the serial numbered cards are there just the base is missing. I tried to scan it but it says the upload exceeds the space allowed per image.
    As for the breast cancer cards I can't find any checklists anywhere on the internet but here are the three that I have
    2010 Panini Tim Tebow #118
    2010 Panini Kyle Orton #117
    2010 Topps Eddie Royal #120
    2010 Topps Knowshon Moreno #119
    All Denver Broncos Cards

    They all have "A Crucial Catch" emblem on the back.

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