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    My most sought after WHALE, and a new display jersey. Worth a look ;)

    So Ive been working on a project for about 3 years. It all came down to this last card. After looking for it for literally 2 and a half years, I finally was able to land one. I considered giving up on it out of frustration more than a few times but Im glad I didnt. Thank you to all my friends who searched daily along with me. HUGE thank you to Marcel, who sent me the link to this one and allowed me to get it. I hit the BIN button immediately despite the fact that I could have probably saved a few $ waiting for the auction to end lol.

    I figured that with all the work and $ that went into this project, it was important to find a proper way to display it. Luckily, my father is a signmaker, and was able to come up with something I feel is perfect for displaying these. For what its worth, the pesky "E" was the last one I attained. Here they are together, along with my new display jersey :)

    Up close...

    If youre wondering why theyre a little crooked on there, its just because theyre not attached yet. I just wanted to share them lol. I now have a much greater appreciation for these nameplates when they are completed. They look awesome, and they are ridiculously hard to actually complete. Comments are greatly appreciated, and if youre a Sabres fan who has a completed nameplate, I could probably make one of these up for you if interested :)

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    that's pretty cool, congrats on landing the last one!
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    Great job on completing the nameplate, and that is a FANTASTIC display for it!

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    Very nice!!!! wow
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    That's sick! Well thought out!
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    Pretty awesome. Great way to display them too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azrael_vat View Post
    Great job on completing the nameplate, and that is a FANTASTIC display for it!
    Agreed!!! That is phenomenal, you don't even need amazing cards to make an amazing display with a dad like that. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have amazing cards :)
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    No more Keslers, thanks

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    So I think you should probably rename this thread to "My dad is amazing!!!" Seriously thats awesome, congrats in achieving your goal, and also good job in coming up with a creative idea to display your collection!

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    Thanks guys,. My dad is pretty awesome. Hes always willing to help out with cool stuff like this. He also made up a bunch of decals with various sabres names/numbers for me when he did these. Always a good hookup to have :)

    "I myself dabbled in pacifism once..not in 'Nam of course" -Walter Sobchak
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    Things like this are why I love you and your family so much Rich lol. I'm still eternally grateful for your dad helping with those customs and let's just be honest here...this is DISGUSTINGGGGGGG!! I remember when you showed me this a few weeks ago before the E came in and just wow is this thing cool! Congrats on finishing the journey man, I know you've spent a LOT of time and energy searching for that last piece. Congrat bud!

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