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    Howe good is Prime!!

    Hey guys. My 2 boxes finally arrived ... the joys of living in Australia!

    The headline was a little misleading but I thing you'll agree when you see a Gordie Howe silver base /25 on top of your first pack you get excited.
    Looking to sell or trade these bad boys or a combination of both. I could also chip my own cash if you've got something nice that I want.
    Ducks patches being the desired trade.

    Box 1
    Gordie base /25
    Logan Couture base /249
    Justin Faulk Prime RC /199
    CONN jerseys - Thomas, Toews, Malkin, Zetterberg /75
    Gibert Perreault Prime Sigs /99
    Nikolai Khabibulin namesakes /75

    and the hit ...

    Cody Hodgson Prime Time Rookie /25
    Pretty sweet looking card, the seam to literally busting out of the window.

    Ok box 2

    Jeff Skinner base /249
    Joe Sakic base /249
    Joe Vitale Prime RC /199
    STAR jersey - Phillip Larsen, Tomas Vincour /225
    Magnus Paajarvi Namesakes /75
    DFW jersey - Morrow, Sceviour, Vincour /150

    and the hit ...

    Eric Staal ...
    Collision Course ...
    NHL Shield ...
    4/5 was pretty pumped when this came out, definitely the best hit I've pulled and looks cool.

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    Nice pulls :)
    Main wants: Schneider Cup RPA, OEL 1/1s and highends
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    Where is the shield coming from?
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    Quote Originally Posted by odjickfan View Post
    Where is the shield coming from?
    The Collision Course cards use All-Star game helmet decals.
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    Congrats, those Collison cards look amazing! Hodgson is cool too, but it's a sad hobby world when a somewhat hot rookie name, with a big fat patch and 25 ex, only sell for $7 bucks...

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    Nice pulls!
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    Nice Break
    Collecting Phil Kessel, Anna Kournikova & Danica Patrick cards! Trading for my PC only. Got Kessel let me know
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    Awesome break man. I would love to try and trade for that Staal but I've got no Ducks for ya.

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    Great pulls, that Shield is a cool looking card

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