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    How much is this card I just won??

    Just won a 2010 Topps USA bubba Starling red ink auto hand numbered to 99. I won it for 50 bucks, did I do good on this?? And I couldn't find these in the Beckett can anyone help me with a book price? Thanks guys

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    It's against forum rules to provide book prices as it is considered proprietary information. If you're wanting prices from something like Beckett, you'd need to get a subscription. Your other option is to search Ebay's history and see where the current market value is (if any). Go to advanced, and enter the information for the card. Under "search including", check mark only "completed listings".

    The only other recent auction completed for a 2010 USA Baseball Bubba Starling red auto /99 was a PSA 9 that sold on September 8th for $84.99.
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