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    Bryzgalov Says Some Russian Players May Not Return To The NHL

    If and when the CBA is negotiated, and NHL Hockey is back on the ice.

    Hmmm...... This is not a surprise to hear. Especially when you are dealing with The Tempermentals. If any players find professional hockey in Europe more stress free, life more interesting away from the rink in their idle time, the NHL could be in big trouble.

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    Open your eyes owners, it took years to attract the "worlds" best to our game. Lose that and rewind the clock 30 years. Except now with the benefit of social media we won't be wondering how good Tretiak, Kharlamhov, and Markhov are, we will be tuning in and finding out ourselves. A true hockey fan does not care about nationalities we want to see the best the world has to offer. Ask a baseball or boxing fan, when they best are not always from North America.
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    In Russia the players salary is TAX FREE Ovy has gone on record saying if there is a salary rollback he will def think twice about coming back as he has guaranteed money is russia and worshipped there
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    Meh, what else was really expected to be said. I guess this is HUMONGOUS BIG news for the NHL. Next up: Bryz finds a bear in the forest and is afraid.
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    Hopefully he stays the guys career is already over.

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