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    New trader in New Hampshire

    What is a photobucket? Where do I start? Collected back in the early 90's and just started again. Boy have things changed!

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    It is a photo hosting site so you can upload scans or pictures of your cards. But this site has free image hosting as well.
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    Hello, and welcome to SCF...

    -Robert Lewis

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    Welcome to the site...Rick
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    Welcome to SCF! LMK if you have any more questions.
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    Hey Paul, Welcome to SCF. A photobucket is where some members post their cards for the personal collection or have scans of cards they have for trade or for sale. For example if you click the link below you will be taken to my John Cena PC that I have uploaded. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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    Welcome to SCF. If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact me via pm.
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    Welcome. . .

    Welcome to the site, Wyatt! I'm new here too and haven't done any trades yet. I'm still in the process of getting organized, scanning cards, etc. Boy do I know what you mean about things having changed over the years!

    Hope maybe we can do some trades in the future!


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    Thanks to everyone for the replies and advise! There will be more questions as I fumble around the site to get organized.

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    Welcome to SCF! Be sure to give me a shout if I can help ya out in anyway while you try to figure out the site. I know you will enjoy yourself!

    Super-collecting Jake Locker.

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