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    a good full size helmet price?

    hey there i was just curious if 280$ is a good price for a full size terry bradshaw auto'd helmet? thanks also does anyone know a good way to sell a framed picture asides from here or ebay? thanks

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    The only way I would pay that price, is if it was PSA/DNA
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    Quote Originally Posted by raptorbill View Post
    The only way I would pay that price, is if it was PSA/DNA
    oh for sure lol i wouldnt buy any auto without a reputable coa/psa appreciate the imput.

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    Bring the helmet to the Show on the 14th,
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    Is the Helmet a replica or Proline ? Who is the Coa from ? Are there any Inscriptions ?

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    That's a little can find them 50 dollars less

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