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    Looking for high end cards to trade

    I have a high end collection willing to trade for high end baseball autograph cards like ken griffey jr, sandy koufax, willie mays, hank aaron, bryce harper or other hall of fame legends of high value return.

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    I like the Montana/Brady, Malkin, Gretzky/Lemieus/Yzerman, Gretzky & Dimaggio. Pm me if you see anything you can use for any of those.

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    I like the montana/brady lmk if you see something you like
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    PM ME PLEASE if you see something you like for the Montana/Brady. I assume that's a stock photo and not the actual card? Thanks! -Ken
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    Wants:AP/P.Manning/Luck/Oscar Taveras/M.Cabrera/Pujols/ARod/Trout/Bryce Harper/Lebron/MJ/Kobe & HOF HIGH END.

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    Cmb for the Dimaggio. Thanks a lot
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    I like Phillies, Eagles, Autos and Patches

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    CMB for the dimaggio CUT and PM me if you see anything

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    pcmb for the mantle/williams/dimaggio. pm works best. thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by RTusk40 View Post
    CMB for the dimaggio CUT and PM me if you see anything
    Nothing really caught my attention from your card collection.

    Thanks anyway.

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    Id be intrested in the Dimaggio.

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    Please be aware I do buy to resell so I cannot pay retail. I can make it easy, quick, and painless to get you PayPal tho without the headaches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rednecksims View Post
    Id be intrested in the Dimaggio.


    I need to get $500 for the joe d! What card can you offer me in return? i like rc autos.


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