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    How do you keep track?

    I was wondering how you people keep track of your collection? Are there any good tools?

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    You can always use the inventory manager located on this site. Just check the tool bar at the top of the page.
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    I use the Inventory Manager here as well. I have entered nearly 16,000 cards into mine and still have a ton to go.

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    Some people sort by teams and some sort by players..Its just what seems to be best for you.....My bucket is set up by teams to make it easier for others to search through!
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    Now this may sound dumb but i am not too sure how to work the inventory. Does it keep track of what you have or does it show you want to trade that stuff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericbaker88 View Post
    Now this may sound dumb but i am not too sure how to work the inventory. Does it keep track of what you have or does it show you want to trade that stuff?
    You can keep trade of either. Just click on the inventory type to check off which type of inventory you want to keep track of.
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    Any card you will had to the SCF inventory, by default will list as trader. You can, when efiting the cards set it as PC. Also a card you do not have you can add it to a want list. So mainly you can set three type of entry. Trader, PC or want list. You can upload image too. Since the entry you does come from a card database, all cards attributes (auto, RC, Memorabilia serial) are already set for you. Then anyone can filter your inventory by adding filter like team, player name or card attribute, year or set name. Make it easy to browse as some may be only player collector, other team collector and other may only collect auto or RC. So it make for easy browsing. I code this inventory and I do not have time to post in the trade forum but on regular basis I get member contacting because they saw my cards and need them.
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    I've started using Excel. Easy to track the ones I order, put the price in another column if I want, sort by players or year or set, etc, cut/paste, colour code, etc.

    I checked out some inventory manager software but didn't really seem worth it. I am a new collector though so not that hard to keep track. I don't bother to track cards if I buy the base set since the checklist is online.
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    I just use excel and have it listed by player and year. That works pretty well for me.
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    I actually just recently started using and it's been working out pretty well. I don't know who else uses that website, but I like it a lot
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