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    A couple of Peter Forsberg cards to show (56k warning)

    While collecting Avalanche cards, some Forsberg cards got lost to my folders. Then I collected them all from there to show them to you.










    2004-05, 2005-06


    2010-11, 2011-12

    Questions are welcome, I know there's a couple of rare cards you might be wondering about. I just don't feel like listing every single card from here, too much work (although I did pull together a have list, ask if you need that).

    Like with the rest of my Avalanche collection, I'm always looking to add more, but mostly the cards BVd to 10 or less. I'll only get more expensive cards if they are in a serious firesale and even then not all of them.
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    Um? Define a couple!LOL Nice pickups. Congrats, Brad.
    Super Collecting Jeff Skinner
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