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    Messi auto Ronaldo auto FS

    I purchased the Messi on ebay. It's PSA/DNA certified. The Ronaldo I got from Great legit company that usually has video of the player signing. He had a video of this picture but I bought it years ago and hes since pulled it down.
    Asking $150 for each or $250 for both shipped. But as always best offer applies. Also have other photos for sale if interested, Iniesta, Zidane, Mario Balotelli, Gareth Bale, Ibrahimovic, Eto'o, Luis Suarez, Aguero, Guiseppe Rossi, Wesley Sneijder. All bought from Many many hundreds of dollars spent. Needing the money and looking to sell only

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    My bad... Already messages you. Will shoot you a PM in the AM. Thanks again.
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    Are you really sure about those autos? I Have several Messi's autos and the signature has nothing to do. It may Have changed over the years, who knows... Not saying they are false, of course, but just pointing out important differences...

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    Yes I am definitely sure on those. It's his signature while walking and ignoring people. Kind of a leave me alone signature. lol. His sit down ones though are beautiful
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    The ones i Have are the ones i get in the training sessions, and he is often tired, so i do not think they should be so different. In any case, if you are sure it is not a fake, great.

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    Yeah I'm sure. But I really do appreciate you posting on this thread questioning the validity of the item. Really helps me thank you. Maybe next time you could show me a little courtesy and send me a message then if you're not happy with my response then post warning people. But just posting something like that really doesn't help anyone out unless you're absolutely sure it's a fake, the only thing it could do is hurt another member trying to sell an authentic signed item and calling into question his credibility. And even then the argument could be had that would it be your place to intervene but it would be understandable. Not trying to rant just asking for some courtesy in the future.
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    I simply do not understand... it should be my problems with English. I thought we were here to help (think you had a fake and I could help you to know... I would be happy to know that...). In any case, sorry if you found something in my message that was not polite. Sorry 4 trying to help...

    In any case do not worry. I won't try to help again.

    Wishing you the best,

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