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    Leaf Living Legend Pete Rose Retail Blaster...PULLED a PETE ROSE AUTO!!!!

    Well I was at Target today and saw a Leaf Living Legend Pete Rose Blaster. It said "ONE AUTOGRAPH PETE ROSE CARD PER BOX...." Well I couldn't resist we are talking about a legend here even one that is tarnished. So sure enough I bust the box and their really was a Pete Rose autograph in a top loader. The blaster cost me $29.

    I was browsing Blowout website after I got back from Target and they had Pete Rose blasters on sale for $19. That's ok had I ordered from them I would have had to pay $8-$9 shipping so it roughly is about the same as me buying 1 box from retail.

    Anyways the box came with 10 other unopend packs. Should I even bother opening those packs? It's not like LEAF will put any redemption cards in them right? The Blaster said that each box has either a Pete Rose auto or a redemption for a Pete Rose signed memorabilla.

    If these blasters are available in retail and hobby then Pete must have signed at least 20,000 autographs. Pete must have sat all day signing stickers for Leaf. Hope someone for leaf stood by to make sure he did sign all those stickers.
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    Scans of rose auto and packs and blaster

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    I was lucky enough to get one of those from our Walmart before some thief decided to open all of the boxes to remove the auto'd cards from them! Ended up getting the complete 50 card set from the packs, so I really thought the $29 price was acceptable.
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    All Pete Rose does is sign autographs in Las Vegas these days. Since the market is effectively flooded, it's questionable as to what value they will retain. Unless he suddenly dies and then gets elected to the Hall of Fame... well, do the math?
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    I saw those at my Target and thought they would be such a steal but then I looked at what they were selling for online and decided to pass

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    Saw a bunch of them at each target I've to in the area for 20 each. Seems like a good deal, but there must 2 million of Mr Rose's autos from this product.

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    This product was made just for the other 1 million people in the world that didn't already have a Pete Rose autograph.The price point of 29.99 isn't bad but they could've put gu inserts seeded at a high rate to give the boxes even more value.
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