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    Selling cards wayyyyy below ebay prices. FIRE SALE SUPER CHEAP

    I WILL send first. Getting rid of my baseball. Will take offers. Everything sent will be in a magnetic







    $20 /25




    Next two are 3 a piece or 5 for the pair

    Let me know!

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    prices dlvd? I will take the Longo auto.

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    Ill take the Doc Gooden
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    BAUER, BAUER AND MORE BAUER. AUTO AND NON. IF ITS ON A CARD AND FIRST NAME IS TEVOR, LAST NAME BAUER, I WANT IT!!! Looking for Matt Davidson AUTOS, Justin Upton 5pc /10 2010 Topps Sterling Lengendary Relics Auto (LLAR-18).

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    Quote Originally Posted by cookiedough1212 View Post
    Ill take the Doc Gooden
    You got it.

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    braun au and longeria gu for 25

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    Will take the Pedroia for $20 if you want to move it. PLMK.
    I collect Red Sox, Bears, Penguins, Celtics, Brian Urlacher, Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux cards. Need 1959 Topps Baseball cards for a set (early stages). If you have a large Photobucket, please list what you have from my wants.
    My cards come from smoke free environment, so please be upfront if your cards are not. Also if your cards are creased or bent, be honest about it.

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    Price on this group:

    Longo, lincecum and pedroia museum collection cards.



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    PM me your best price on the Longo jersey and the Gooden auto if its not gone
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    I treat all my cards with respet and I hope you do to.

    I don't save cards for you, first come, first serve.

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