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    Good stuff guys, I have a lot of fun looking here to see some of the craz stuff that went on back in the 80's and 90's. I havent been on the site in about a month so I just got a nice little dose of what you guys have been posting. Keep up the great work I love looking at this stuff.
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    I have been working on a 1969 Topps mater set the last 10 years. I'll scan a few of them if I remember tonight.

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    The 1990 Upper Deck Ben McDonald is another hot error card that is nearly forgotten now. 1989 Upper Deck was a landmark set that featured a famous Dale Murphy error. 1990 Upper Deck was like many sequels. A poor followup that disappointed and features a Ben McDonald error rookie card. Seeing as how Ben was suppose to be a can't miss prospect that was suppose to enjoy a Mike Mussina like career it is rather easy to assume that Upper Deck made the "error" on purpose. The regular card has a Rookie in the circle while the error has the O's logo. Rumor has that a 3rd impossible to find error where the circle is whited out exists but that could just be a hoax perpetrated by some scammer on eBay using an eraser to make a "rare" card. Regular card books for less than a buck while the error books for $5 and sells for around that shipped on eBay. Nothing to great of an error and probably any Ben McDonald card won't get any second look but if you open a box of 1990 Upper Deck be sure to check!
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    1980 #482 Rickey Henderson RC un corrected error. Lists incorrect number of steals in a minor league game.
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    1990 Donruss had a lot of minor error cards that were once sought after in the early 1990s that are since forgotten about. The Juan Gonzalez Reverse Negative Error Rookie Card is probably the most famous and most expensive error from the set. The card only books for $2 now but it was a hot card before because you had the combo of error plus rookie card. But since Juan Gonzalez had a HOF type career derailed along with the suspicion of steroid use keeping him out of the Hall of Fame there isn't much activity on this card anymore so you should be able to pick up the error and corrected version for less than a buck now.
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    Here is a 1991 Donruss Highlights Andy Hawkins #BC12 error card. Scan courtesy of SCF member howethegreat. This card doesn't book for much in Beckett but I haven't seen one until a scan was posted on here. The error? On the front it reads "Pitcher" instead of "No hitting the White Sox".
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    Didn't take long to go through a pack of 2013 Topps to find an error. CAREER CHASE on Michael Morse's card is wrong. Wonder if Topps will correct this? More lazy proof-reading from Topps.

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    And another, #230 David Robertson, the Walmart blue parallel Career Chase - With 269 games pitched, Robertson is 756 away from Jesse Orosco's all-time record of 983. Wrong on both the math and the number of games Orosco pitched in (1252)


    And another, Jeff Karstens #293 With 138 games pitched, Karstens is 756 away from Jesse Orosco's all-time record of 1,114

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    1990 Donruss Bonus MVP John Smoltz error card. This one is an obvious error since most people can tell the difference between these two legendary Braves pitchers. One is a photo of John Smoltz while the other one is a photo of Tom Glavine. Neither card is too pricey now and you should have no trouble picking up both for around a couple of bucks shipped on eBay. Don't know if the error was intentional or not by Donruss but there have been a lot of error cards over the years that feature the wrong player pictured on the card. Most don't get correct like this one though.
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    Found two more 2013 Topps errors.

    #136 Tyler Clippard - Career Chase: With 33 saves, Clippard is 519 saves away from Mariano Rivera's all-time record of 575.

    #240 J.J. Putz - Career Chase: With 183 saves, Clippard is 519 saves away from Mariano Rivera's all-time record of 425.

    In both cases not only is the math wrong, Rivera's save total should be 608.

    Why bother getting it right when you have no competition?

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