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    Another error from the 1990 Upper Deck set. This time it is a Nolan Ryan card missing the 300th win stripe. Fairly easy to spot (if you know what you are looking for and have seen both versions otherwise you wouldn't suspect anything was wrong) and not really rare at all. Cards book for a couple of bucks because you have Nolan Ryan but for the price of a pack of cards you should be able to pick up both versions.
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    2002 topps: The first is the correct card:
    and here's the error card with Greg Colbrunn pictured on front of a craig counsell card-the backside is Craig counsell as well

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    The 1981 Fleer Graig Nettles is likely a genuine mistake by the company rather than an intentional error to drive sales. A spelling mistake of his first name on the back is the difference. Craig is the error instead of Graig. The error card is still one of the higher booking cards from the 1981 Fleer set but it along with the corrected version shouldn't set you back too much on eBay though.
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    The 1989 Upper Deck Gary Sheffield rookie error card is a hard error to spot if you don't know what you are looking. The error has an "upside down SS" on the front. If you aren't studying the position indicator on the front of the card you could easily miss it. Probably one of the reasons why there is not much interest in this error. In fact both cards book the same $5 but the error card is significantly harder to find. Though it might not because of a different print run but more of the fact that nobody looks for the error thus less show up. Both cards can be picked up for a cheap price of a guy who has 500+ career home runs from a set that is pretty historic in the baseball card world.
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    The 1988 Topps Al Leiter Rookie Card obviously features an error as you can tell by the two different photos on the card. One is Steve George and the other is Al. The photo on the left is of Al Leiter while Steve George is on the right card. Both cards book for less than a buck and can easily be picked up for cheap.
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    The 1985 Donruss Tom Seaver is another error card with the wrong person on the front of the card. The error card shows Floyd Bannister and is shown on the right. The corrected version with Tom Seaver on the card is on the left. The error card is pretty common while the corrected version of Tom Seaver still has a book value of $10 and is a little bit more expensive than the last couple of error/corrected cards posted. But you might be able to snag this one for cheap if the card is overlooked by an eBay seller.
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    This is great stuff!!
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    The 2002 Topps Albert Pujols #160 Error card is one of the few examples of error cards being corrected recently. After the error fad died out the card companies stopped wasting time and money to correct the cards since their wasn't a monetary gain in having errors in your product to chase since they fell out of favor with collectors. This is such a rare example that I haven't even seen the corrected version. The 2002 Topps Albert Pujols error features a picture of Placido Polanco on the back and not Pujols. The corrected version has the image that is ls on the back of the 2002 Topps Opening Day Albert Pujols card. Image is of Albert Pujols like it should be.

    Now supposedly Topps didn't correct this in packs but in 2002 Topps boxed sets. Which one? Who knows as they made holiday versions, team oriented ones, etc. and Topps hasn't said much else. Most people buy sealed sets to keep them sealed which only adds to the problem of finding the card and information about it. But there have been people online that have said they sold this card in early 2003 on eBay and they got $20-$40 for it at the time but that's all the info they could provide. I'd be willing to bet that if you advertised the card correctly you could get a lot more for that now since one hasn't popped up in forever and there are many Topps set collectors. As for error it is very common while the corrected version has a $N/A book value.

    Now adding to this problem is that Topps has made various reprints of the 2002 Topps Albert Pujols (Cards my mom threw out) and those have the corrected backs. So be sure to avoid that if it is being passed as a legit corrected error version.

    If somebody has a corrected version or any information about it feel free to post here as there are still people out there that believe this card doesn't exist since they haven't seen it and a scan would be greatly appreciated.
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    The 2007 Topps #40 Derek Jeter error card is one of the weirdest error cards in history. People pulling this card were mystified as to why President George W Bush and Mickey Mantle were photoshopped onto a card of Derek Jeter. Was it an inside joke? Intentional error? Who knows but once word got out this base card was selling for more than $5 a piece on eBay. Seems really high right? Well once Yahoo picked up on it and had a front page story the hype train pushed this card to $300+ on eBay. For a card that you could pull multiples of in one box. People quickly realized paying that much was stupid and the price has fallen ever since. While the error is very common the corrected version isn't. It still sells for around $15 on eBay. One of the more recent error cards shows that error cards can still bring interest and cash when done correctly though some would question if Topps creating this card was in good taste.
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