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    1 Pack of 2012 Topps Chrome. WOW

    I went to my local shop today because I had a few bucks in my pocket. I bought 1 pack of 2012 Topps chrome, and got my moneys worth. Not bad for a 4 dollar pack.


    Yep, Will Middlebrooks Superfractor from one pack. Sorry for the bad scan, my scanner is broken. Im listening to any offers on it. Thanks!
    Looking for Clay Buchholz, Jon Lester, Ross Detwiler, and all other Red Sox!

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    And that's what I call maximizing your profit margin,Congrats on the great pull.
    All my teams stink.

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    Insane pull. Congrats on killing the odds
    All 07-08 UD Premier Penmanship Auto's # to 50
    All 2005 UD Trilogy Baseball Signature Materials # to 75
    Check out my bucket:
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    Awesome pull!
    I trade by book value & buy/sell by sell value but always factor in common sense. Collecting David Wright, Matt Harvey, Derek Jeter, Ben Roethlisberger & Hines Ward.
    Looking for vintage Graig Nettles, Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Franco Harris, Jack Lambert & Rod Woodson.
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    If he comes back and plays well next year, that thing will be worth a mint, congrats.
    Looking for- Lakers GU, auto's
    especially Kobe,Pau gasol, Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Wilt Chaimberlin, Paul Goldschmidt RC year stuff.Certain MMA cards, anything hellboy related.anything the walking dead related
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