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    I just want to trade...

    I havent made a trade in a while. check out what i have, let me know what you like and send me a link to your bucket!!
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    I like your miller artifacts and your giguere /25. Please check my bucket in my signature and pm me if you find anything you like.
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    I like the Roman Horak Future Watch Auto.

    A link to my bucket is in my sig.

    Let me know if there's something you like.


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    I can use the Robak /999 and the Ullstrom YG. Check my tradelist and lmk what we can work out. Also, what redemption do you have from Artifacts?
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    check my tradelist for the hedjuk gwg...
    Priority: 1. Habs/Wings Auto 2. 2011-12 titanium GWG I still need 3. Solid Nhlers/HOF autos 4. High end YGs

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